How to sell and make money on ebay!

selling on ebay

Hello I’m the author of this site and in this post we’re going to look at how you can sell your first item on ebay!

Ebay store, one of the biggest web sites in Britain it’s certainly the number one e-commerce destination with millions of people coming to the site to buy every day! There’s all sorts of things for sale, everything from cars computers through the collectibles toys, children’s clothes, absolutely everything! Tens of thousands of people actually make their living selling on ebay.

The massive opportunity and one that you can take advantage of!

How to get started … Selling your first item is very much a learning experience. They rush in and try and sell that pressures and you won’t have the feedback reputation(that means we’ll get the price it deserves). We should start with something easy to sell, something straight forward and treat it as a learning experience. The basis of ebay’s trust and the way trust manifest itself only based on the feedback system. These are the reviews that buyers and sellers leave for each other after a transaction. They can be positive, negative or neutral and the more positive feedback you have, the more trustworthy you are, more attractive you are to buyers. That’s why I think that you need to build up a good feedback reputation on ebay to get the best prices and the base visibility in search. There’s also the “buy now” that’s a way of immediately buying items at a fixed price. So when you’re setting, think about which format is best for you. If you’re selling a commodity item that we know the value of something like a DVD or CD the “buy now” for that’s probably best, but if you’re selling an antique or collectible we don’t necessarily know how much it’s worth, put it up for auction.  That’s the best way of getting the best prices.

A lot of people want to know how much it costs to sell on ebay and there are various types of fees but in very basic terms you’ll be paying listing fee just to get your item up on the site and then a final value fee and commission. These fees  are really very complicated if you want to calculate them your self. You have to look up depending on what you’re selling but there’s different fees for different categories. It’s different if you’re selling a car – antique to a CD … I think the basic fee taken by ebay for about fifteen percent of the selling price.

The first thing you need to do is set up a sellers account. So if you’ve already got a buyer account you’ll have to provide some additional information or credit card. They try to make sure its your real info so  they can stop scammers. Once you’re registered you’re ready to send your first item. The first thing to think about is which category to put and make sure that your item can be found in the search engine. Depending on your item if is safe for sending. Once you sort of the category out for your item you need to give it a title name and this is one of the most important things. Listing so you’ve got 55 characters to describe what your item is and you need to cram that full of keywords that people can find you. They don’t put old bars, need to describe what it’s made of what make it, the color it has and where’s it from. You want to use out every single one of these characters because It will help your eyes and be found in the search engine.

The next thing you need to do is to describe your item and that’s a written description where you talk about what you’re selling. You need to be frank and honest in this, if the item is damaged you need to you, need to say so. You also have the option to add something called item specifics and this helps buyers find your items. So if something is new or used, one of the color, what it’s made from or brand, you have the opportunity to take the boxes and described the item and also if you want to add a picture. So make sure you take a good digital image and edit it or crop it if you need to make sure you really show off your item. A good picture is really very valuable. Is how people make the decision. You can even use a video. You can upload your videos to ebay and that’s going to give people a really good idea of what they’re buying.

The secrets of selling on ebay are thinking like a buyer! To inspire trust and make sure your bonds got all the information they need to make a buying decision, so that means great pictures, great descriptions and titles that really tell people what they’re buying. Price isn’t the most important thing on the marketplace. Inspiring trust and being someone buyers want to buy from is more essential and also as we’re starting out don’t forget to work out what it’s going to cost to dispatch the item you’re selling. Ebay buyers are notoriously keen on getting things to it fast, so you need to dispatch it the next day possible.There is a online tool,this is partial checker that will tell you the cheapest and best way to send your parcel.

Sites like eBay can be very complicated but the rewards, as many business people will attest, are superb as only by getting out there and doing it you’re gonna know where ebay is for you! So hopefully you’ll have all the information you need to successfully sell your first item and make money. Good luck,